Company History

Gold Crest Aviary, Incorporated (GCAI) is a family-owned corporation engaged in captive breeding variety of endangered bird species. It is currently registered under Wildlife Farm Permit Number 2015-13 (Renewal). The farm was established on August 31, 2004 and is located at Barangay Tobgon, Nasisi, Ligao City, 4504 Philippines. The founder and President/CEO, Engr. Fernando O. RaƱola, is the strong man behind the success of breeding variety of endangered bird species. Due to his intensified passion to birds, the farm expanded its operation and excelled in producing exotic and endermic birds with superior health and quality.

The company's Vision-Mission statement serves as the core principle, and drives the company to perform well and continue to develop its existing technology through research and comprehensive analysis of data and information. Drawing essential conclusions and cautiously implementing it highly contributed to produce positive outcomes and progresses. In other words, the Vision-Mission statement guides the company to develop a very conservative and innovative culture to achieve success in captive breeding variety of sensitive species.

Gold Crest Aviary Inc. has developed and maximized its manpower in order to deliver the utmost services to conserve and treat all species in a humane manner. Human resource is treated as the most significant asset of the company towards the realization of its Vision and mission. Its manpower comprised of the Manager, Farm Veterinarian, Supervisors, Veterinary Technicians, Caretakers and General Maintenance workers. Although the main focus of the farm's operation is on birds, the company never fails to look at the welfare of its human capital. At Gold Crest Aviary, it is an implied principle to give the workers the best treatment in order to create a direct effect to the birds in terms of husbandry aspect.

A Gold Crest Aviary, the main focus is to provide suitable environment for captive breeding. In order to achieve such, facilities and equipment are established and protocols are systematically implemented, thus maintaining its high standards in terms of outputs. Techniques and procedures, especially in captive breeding, are ensured to attain its maximum potential and produce the best results and outcomes.

It is understood that having this kind of facility as the farm possesses, the potential risks are great, both in the internal part of the company and in its external environment. Internal risks are those that can be controlled by the management and are not that easy to resolve. While the external dangers are those the management has no control of, but can be avoided or prevented. However, due to the strengthened commitment to the core values and principles embedded in the company's culture, Gold Crest Aviary stands firm and ready to face all challenges and opportunities ahead. Continuous development is necessary using practical experiences, and thru further research, study and improvements.