Company History

An intense love for birds led to the founding of Gold crest Aviary and Breeding Farm, a company devoted to the breeding of exotic birds in the country.

Starting out as a mere hobby, the owner ventured into the bird business upon the prodding of fellow bird lovers who wanted to buy from his extensive collection. And then, the roster grew as he began to import choice variety from different countries.

With his vastly increasing gallery of birds, the formal setting up of a company was inevitable. It was registered with BAI last September 9, 2003 as a single proprietorship that will maintain and create a wildlife breeding farm. With Wildlife Farm PERMIT # WFD 2007-D1 DENR. It was also Granted a PERMIT as IMPORTER of EXOTIC Birds valid until October 22, 2009. And with the companyÂ's entry in the bird breeding industry, it eventually earned the distinction of being one of the largest exotic bird breeder in the country.

As such, Gold crest Aviary and Breeding Farm, under the leadership of Engr. Fernando Rañola who is also the President and CEO of Supra Feeds, Inc., a major poultry and swine feeds manufacturer in the Bicol Region, pursued to intensify the companyÂ's operation to maintain its leadership in the bird breeding industry, guided by its goals of conservation and captive propagation of the bird species.